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#002 - Halfway through the Crowdfunding!

Whoa, friends. We're living in a whirlwind right now - a whirlwind of emotions, of love, support, and work. We launched the crowdfunding campaign for WOODS on Feb 9, and it's been non-stop ever since.

Keeping with the spirit of our first blog post, we'd love to share a little "behind the scenes" of what's happened in the making stories HQ in February!

A quick throwback to our first post - this is what we said would happen in Feb:

  • The crowdfunding starts!! Mark your calendars, friends - February 9 it is and we need you all to help us spread the love!

  • More branding goodness - we’re going to have our final logo ready in February and probably a few more design elements we can share!

  • Tech editing - numbers, numbers, numbers. Feb 1 to 15 we are going to spend in front of all the patterns, making sure that the math works out, that they are readable and ready to share with the test knitters.

  • Test knitting!! Feb 15 is the start of our test knitting - follow us on Instagram and look through the hashtags #woodsmakingstories and #makingstories to discover sneak peeks of the designs to be included in the book.

And oh boy, has February delivered. Let's dive into the details!


Feb 9 marked the first day of the WOODS crowdfunding campaign over on Indiegogo. As of today - Feb 24 - we're at an incredibly 67% of our 30.000 EUR funding goal. We're blown away.

Seriously, there are no words for how awesome this knitting community of ours is. None of us has experienced such an outpouring of love and support and sharing ever before - THANK YOU. To every one of you who has backed us, has talked about us, has posted about us - THANK YOU.

Head over to Indiegogo today to check out our crowdfunding video and back the campaign!

Branding Goodness.

February was also the month of revealing our logo! We've been working with the amazing graphic and pattern designer Vivian Kvitka on all things visual around WOODS.

First up - our making stories brand analysis, style guide, and logo!

Isn't this the most gorgeous logo of all times?? 

And if that wasn't enough, Vivian also designed a few very fun illustrations to be used for our swag stickers!

AHHH! We're over the moon with them, and we can't wait to show you more of her work.

Tech Editing.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!! After having received all the alpha versions of the patterns at the end of January, it was time to crunch some numbers and review patterns so that they could go into test knitting.

We have to say - our designers did an amazing job! We're so thankful to be working with so many talented, professional, hard-working women - wow.

Test Knitting.

Last, but very, very certainly not least, test knitting started!! We have a pool of close to 200 test knitters who are doing a kick-ass job to help us make the patterns as good as they can possibly be.

We are so, so happy to have all of them in our making stories community and team. Make sure you check out their projects under the #woodstestknitting hashtag - and the pattern hashtags as well!

Here's a glimpse of some of our current favourites: 

The Meerdaal Scarf by Nele Druyts in Moel View Yarns Ethical DK, photo by @coco_et_cie.

The Abisko Socks by Linda Dubec in Tukuwool Fingering, photo by @whimofa_b.

The Sallandse Hat by Becky Sorensen in Ovis Et Cetera Kempisch Heideschaap DK, photo by @ovisetcetera.

Additional goodness!

There are a few other exciting things that have happened in February that we also wanted to share:

  • We started a Ravelry Group!! Head over there and join us for ALL the chatter around WOODS and the chance to win one of our Ravelry giveaways.
  • We're revealing our designs on Instagram now! Keep an eye on @_makingstories to see how exactly that color work yoked sweater or the ombre mittens look like.
  • A LOT of people have been talking about us in their podcasts or newsletters - here's just a small selection:
  • We started getting approached and getting in touch with stockists! If you'd love to see WOODS at your LYS (local yarn shop) or are a yarn shop owner and would like to stock the book, send us an email to!

What's up for March?

We love lists, so let's do another list of what's going to happen in the making stories HQ in March!

  • Crowdfunding Finale!! The campaign runs until March 14, and we have TONS of goodness planned for the last few weeks. 
  • Layouting & sending out the bonus patterns - Picos de Europa Hat and Gascogne Scarf!
  • Test Knitting continues - yayyy!
  • We're heading to Edinburgh! Yes, we're going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and we can't wait. If you're there, come say hi!
  • We're organizing a test knitter meetup in Berlin because we love meeting people in real life.
We hope you liked the look behind the scenes and the insights into our February! Don't forget to head over to Indiegogo to back us and spread the love!
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