About us

Making Stories GmbH is an independent knitwear design publisher based in Berlin, owned and run by Verena Cohrs and Hanna Lisa Haferkamp alongside their small but growing team.

We believe in choosing to use resources and capacities, be they human, environmental, social or financial, in a way that can be sustained in the long run. We believe in being aware of and actively reflecting on all parts of our (work) process and communicating them openly and honestly. We believe in treating all living beings involved in our work fairly, respectfully and lovingly and in caring about and for their physical and mental well-being. We believe in not discriminating against anyone based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, health, physical appearance, economic situation, education or any other factor, being mindful of what that means for their life and their stories and working towards a world where everyone is free to create the life they wish to live.

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Our Team


Verena Cohrs, Founder

Verena is a knitwear designer and sustainable living advocate currently based in Berlin. Rooted in a love for nature, quiet, and stitch dictionaries, she creates patterns that have the perfect balance of being a tiny bit challenging while also being extremely fun to knit. At Making Stories, she is responsible for all things strategy and publications together with Hanna Lisa.

Photo by Jill Dieuleveult


Claire Walls, Marketing & Social Media Manager

Claire joined the Making Stories team in September 2018 and is responsible for all our Marketing and Social Media efforts, from posting and answering comments on Instagram and Pinterest to writing our newsletter and blog and developing new, exciting Marketing strategies. 


Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, Founder

Hanna Lisa is a creative business coach and avid supporter of women-owned businesses. Her coaching practice is based on her project bag label and knitwear design work as well as a deep-rooted love for asking hard questions and helping others. At Making Stories, she is responsible for all things strategy and publications together with Verena.

Photo by Jill Dieuleveult