Contracts, samples & royalties - and an update on our financial situation

Hi lovelies! Hanna Lisa here, for yet another little glimpse behind the scenes at Making Stories. I’m writing this on a Friday afternoon after spending the better part of the day engaged in discussions on Instagram around pattern pricing and the value of design work, and I wanted to take a particular aspect of that discussion and share it with you here, on our blog, for everyone to be readable.

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Whinfell WIP’s

One of the things we love is seeing how you take one of our designs and make it your own. One of the patterns you seem to come back to again and again is Whinfell, the colorwork yoke sweater by Jennifer Steingass from our very first book, WOODS. There have been some beautiful versions popping up on Ravelry lately so I thought it would be fun to share them with you!

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Where In The World Is Making Stories - Farm To Cable Yarns

Welcome, to this second instalment of Where In The World Is Making Stories! Today, we are heading to Canada to visit our stockist Dale who runs Farm To Cable Yarns. With a passion for natural fibres and a commitment to running her business with eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable practices, Dales stocks yarns from all over the world from yarn produces who share their ethos and values.

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Making Stories Magazine

As I'm writing this, we are just a few days from closing pre-orders on Issue 1 of our new Making Stories magazine, and it's been such a fantastic week. The idea for starting the magazine came from a desire and a need for change. Over the past two years, Hanna Lisa and Verena had created some truly amazing work.

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Changes To Making Stories

Dear lovely Making Stories community.

We hope you have a beautiful March so far and are as excited as we are about the upcoming launch of Issue 1 of our new magazine! Before we dive into all things magazine, we’d love to take a minute to talk about some recent changes to the ownership and team structure of Making Stories. We’re dedicated to transparency, and we feel that walking the talk is important, so we want to share a couple of things with you.

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Your Makes!

Today, I wanted to show off and celebrate some of the lovely projects that have come off your needles recently. We love seeing how you put your own creative stamp on our patterns! This is just the tip of an extremely talented iceberg and I'll be sharing many more in the future.

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