Call for Submissions - Patterns & writing

We currently don’t have any open calls for submission. You can see our last call for submission down below to get an idea for what we’re looking for in new designs and articles / visual pieces for our magazine.

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Making Stories Magazine Issue No. 4


UPDATE: We’ve decided to make our magazine designer contract publicly available! Please take a look here at our current contract conditions, and do let us know if you have any questions around them.

Submission Deadline for Designers: May 19

Submission Deadline for Writers: May 19

About Making Stories Magazine

Making Stories Magazine is a magazine that aims to showcase companies and makers who centre their work around sustainability, transparency, fairness and equity, tell their stories, educate and inspire crafters and enable them to make informed decisions.

We share scenes that tell not just one story, knitwear that is shown on more than one body type, pieces that are being worn as we’d wear them in our everyday life. We publish pieces from a diverse range of voices, we’re interested in exploring and learning from different perspectives and strengthening our community, and we offer a platform for writers who express what they care about in their work.

Our inspiration behind Issue 4 - Standard

Issue 4 - “Standard” - aims to dive deep into how we’re living in a world often ruled by standards and how we’re (sub)consciously rebelling and pushing against them. We will explore questions of beauty, body, and sizing standards and layers of identity, gender and sexuality. Please see our mood board here for an idea of our general Making Stories aesthetic. (The Pinterest board is titled: Making Stories Aesthetic.)

We’re looking to work with designers and writers who share our values and work ethos and would love to see your interpretations of our theme! Before you submit, please read through our Making Stories mission statement to see if you and your work align with what we believe in.

If you’re curious to read more about how it’s like to work with us, please hop over to the blog and read our post on how we work with designers. It provides detailed insights into our joint work process, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

Making Stories will hold the exclusive rights for patterns and texts for four months after publication. Compensation for patterns is based on complexity and ranges from € 100 to € 450. Compensation for written pieces is based on word count and text type and ranges from € 50 to € 200.

Design Submissions

For designs, your submissions should include

  • a short description of the design and its construction,

  • a note on how your design relates to our vision for Issue 4,

  • a swatch,

  • a sketch,

  • suggested yarn weight and gauge (Please take a look at our yarn partner page for possible yarn pairings and also consider the timing of the publication date, e.g. heavier-weight yarns work well for issues published from September to February),

  • a previously published pattern (if possible in PDF form)

For this issue, we already chose one shawl and one hat design from previous submissions.

In addition to that, we’re looking to include 2-3 pairs of socks, another 1-2 neck accessories, another hat, a pair of mittens, 2-3 pullovers and 2-3 cardigans.

For sweaters, our customers love a good top-down construction. Asymmetrical and triangular shawls are also always a hit as are socks that include a bunch of options, e.g. when it comes to how to knit your heel or whether to knit them cuff down or toe up.

We always encourage you to include instructions into your submission and design that make customising it to the knitter’s preferences easy, e.g. length adjustments, optional shaping, etc.

Please note that all designs need to follow our Making Stories standard sizing that specifies all relevant measurements and will be made available to contributors after your contract has been signed. The designs we publish need to include:

  • For garments: 8 sizes designed for a bust circumference of 78 (86, 94, 102, 110, 118, 126, 134) cm

  • For socks: 5 sizes designed for a foot circumference of 20 (21.25, 22.5, 23.75, 25) cm

  • For hats: 3 sizes designed for a head circumference of 51-55 (55-60, 61-65) cm

  • For mittens: 3 sizes designed for a hand circumference of 18 (21, 24) cm

All measurements are nude body measurements, meaning, for instance, if you were to design a pullover that’s intended to be worn with 10 cm of positive ease, it would need to have a finished bust circumference of 88 (96, 104, 112, 120, 128, 136, 144) cm. Please consider our standard sizing in your submission.

A note on our standard sizing: We fully recognize the irony of putting together an issue on subverting standards, yet working with our own set of sizing guidelines. We’ve developed these based on our experience with knitwear design and grading over the course of a year with the aim of making our designs more accessible and our sizing consistent across publications. Should you have any questions or comments with regards to them, please email us.

Please send your full submission in PDF format to Submission deadline for patterns is May 19; please see details on the complete publication timeline at the bottom of the page.

Writing Submissions

As for editorial content, please send your completed text as a submission. It should relate to the publication's focus and we’re looking to include

  • poems,

  • thought pieces,

  • short stories,

  • personal stories,

  • illustrations,

  • helpful insights and tips from your own making experience.

Please send your full submission in PDF format to Submission deadline for writing pieces is May 19; please see details on the complete publication timeline at the bottom of the page.

Timeline for writers

  • May 19: submission deadline

  • May 21 / 22: decision

  • October 2020: launch

Timeline for designers

  • May 19: submission deadline

  • May 21 / 22: decision

  • May 22 - July 7: pattern writing

  • July 8 - July 28: tech editing

  • July 16 - September 15: sample knitting

  • January 27 - March 31: test knitting

  • October 2020: launch