our Product partners

With expanding our product portfolio to include our first-ever Magazine (the Making Stories Magazine, launching in March 2019), we’re excited to share that we’ll expand our storytelling for and about sustainable and ethical companies beyond yarn.

We’d love to include the stories of other makers in our community in the upcoming magazine as well, be it knitting tool producers, project bag makers, writers, or anyone else whose products are making-related.

As we’ve gotten quite a few questions around product placement and whether or not to send us products for review lately, we thought it might be good to share our product partnership policies for everyone to see here.

Should you wish to send us a product for review, please read these policies carefully and then follow the submission process outlined below.

Making Stories Product Partnership Policies

A Making Stories product partner…

  • … subscribes to the values and principles described in the Making Stories values statement and strives to embody them in their work.

  • … shares openly and transparently where their products have been produced, under which circumstances, and with which materials.

  • … uses as little plastic and leather as possible, and prioritises sustainable sourcing and production, e.g. through reusing materials, using reclaimed, recycled and / or offcut materials.

  • … knows that sending over products to the Making Stories team does not guarantee a review or mention of said products in any of our publications or work.

  • … understands that all reviews by the Making Stories team will always be truthful and honest (yes, that means we might say something negative, too).

  • … sends over their products free of charge and agrees to that products sent to the Making Stories team can be donated, used for community building (e.g. through give aways) and become part of charity auctions.

  • … understands that, to keep things fair across all product partners, the Making Stories team can only accept product submissions from partners who fully support these policies.

How to submit your product(s)

First things first: Please don’t send us products without checking in with us first! We try to keep transport emissions through our business low, and we’d have for products to be send through the world that are not in line with our values and policies.

Hence, the first step to submitting your product(s) is to send an email to Hanna Lisa (hannalisa@making-stories.com) with the following information:

  • Who are you & your company and how do you relate to the Making Stories values statement?

  • Which product(s) would you like to submit?

  • Where and how have they been produced and which materials are used in them?

  • Which percentage of the products you offer are in line with our values statement and product partnership policies? (E.g. if you offer 10 different project bags out of which 9 are made from plastic and 1 from wool, 10% of your product lineup is in line with our values statement and product partnership policies.)

Sending us this email is a little like signing a contract - not a real one, but we’ll assume that you have read our product policies and that you agree with them.

If you have any questions about our product partnership policies, please don’t hesitate to contact Hanna Lisa directly.

We believe in choosing to use resources and capacities, be they human, environmental, social or financial, in a way that can be sustained in the long run. We believe in being aware of and actively reflecting on all parts of our (work) process and communicating them openly and honestly. We believe in treating all living beings involved in our work fairly, respectfully and lovingly and in caring about and for their physical and mental well-being. We believe in not discriminating against anyone based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, health, physical appearance, economic situation, education or any other factor, being mindful of what that means for their life and their stories and working towards a world where everyone is free to create the life they wish to live.
— Making Stories value statement