Shipping Pods

What are shipping pods?

You probably know by now that we're doing everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of our work. A huge part of our carbon footprint as a company stems from transportation - mainly shipping of print publications all over the world.

While we don't want anyone to miss out on our physical books, we also thought about alternative ways to shipping so that we could minimize the amount of parcels that are sent out into the world with DHL.

Enter: Shipping Pods. Shipping pods are groups of people who get together to bundle their orders. Instead of shipping each order individually, we send one parcel that contains all orders and the shipping pod distributes them among their members.

By doing that, we drastically reduce the amount and therefore the environmental impact of shipping - and on top of that, you save both due to splitting the shipping costs with the rest of your shipping pod and due to our exclusive shipping pod discount.

How do they work?

Order Conditions & Discount

The minimum order for a shipping pod is five books. They don't need to be all from one publication - you can mix and match!

We're offering a 20% discount for the entire shipping pod order. 

All orders are sent with tracking and insurance. Because of the minimum order volume for shipping pods, this means you automatically save at least 10% on shipping compared to ordering your copy individually with tracking and insurance.

Plus, we're celebrating our shipping pods every month with a special shipping pod giveaway! Every month, we randomly select one shipping pod that's ordered during the last month and give away one copy of any of our digital publications (your choice!) to every member of that shipping pod.

How to Order

To order, please send us an email to with the following details:

  • Name & email address of the shipping pod organizer
  • Amount of books & type of publications you'd like to order (e.g. 5 copies of BREEZE, 5 copies of WOODS)

We will then get in touch with you with a discount code for the online shop.

You place your entire order via the online shop, it gets dispatched by our fulfilment center and you'll receive a shipping notification.

Once your order arrives, the shipping pod organizer distributes the copies to the members of the shipping pod.

How to Find a Shipping Pod

There are a couple of different ways you can find a shipping pod:

  • Organize one yourself! Contact people you know from your local knit night, on Instagram or email them to ask if they'd be interested in ordering a few Making Stories books together with you.
  • Post in our Ravelry thread! We've opened up a dedicated shipping pod thread in our Ravelry group where you can see if there are other people from your area who'd like to get together to form a shipping pod.

Help, I still have a question!

We're here to help! Simply send us an email to with any questions about shipping pods and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.