Making Stories & Friends Winter 2018 (E-Book)

Making Stories & Friends Winter 2018 (E-Book)


Making Stories & Friends Winter 2018 is the last addition for 2018 to the Making Stories collection portfolio, and it’s a very special one. It includes 11 gender-neutral garment and accessory designs that we hope work for everyone, regardless of how they identify and express their gender. All garments are customisable in length, and most accessories come with a few variants that allow you to create something that fits exactly how you want it to sit on your body. We’ve also expanded our size range for garments to include 8 sizes.

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The title “Making Stories & Friends Winter 2018” can also be taken literally as Verena Cohrs and Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, the two Making Stories founders, designed half of the collection and asked friends from the making community to contribute the other half. We also wanted to showcase the designs on a variety of bodies and share how we’d wear them in real life, so we stepped in front of the camera ourselves.

The designers featured in this collection include: Verena Cohrs, Marie Greene, Jessica Gore, Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, Rebekka Mauser, Clare Mountain, Sari Nordlund and Claire Walls.

As always we have used gorgeous sustainably made yarns, this time from: Abundant Earth Fiber, Blacker Yarns, Echoview Fiber Mill, Fleece & Harmony, Garthenor, Knitting For Olive, L‘Échappée Laine, O-Wool, Swans Island Company, The Fibre Co. and Triskelion Yarn.