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TRAVEL: A Book for Makers, Adventurers and Sustainablists is the first Making Stories publication featuring the work of and individual designer.

Everything Verena Cohrs does with Sustainablist stems from a deep desire to contribute to a more sustainable, fair and eco-friendly way of everyday living, and TRAVEL, the eBook she created, is no exception. Dedicated to all things traveling, making and leading a happy, fulfilling life without missing out on the fun while at the same time treating the world we live in with respect, mindfulness and other creatures and future generations in mind, TRAVEL captures some of the many ways of being more sustainable when traveling and making.

It includes articles on easy ways to travel sustainably by Justine Siegler from Justine Kept Calm and Went Vegan, on curating a sustainable travel wardrobe, including tips on what to bring for your next vacation, by Jana Braumüller, Vreni Jäckle & Nina Lorenzen from Fashion Changers, travel beauty tips by Melinda Dela Costa, a conversation on sustainable making with Ann C. Schönrock from Fashion Fika, a curated collection of questions to consider when planning vacations, lots of insights into our contributor's travel favourites, and thought pieces by Marlies Dachler, Elizabeth Lwanga and Laura Rogers as well as travel-friendly recipes by Susann Probst & Yannik Schon from Krautkopf and Justine Siegler.

A collection of knitwear designs (all of which have been named after community picks of favourite places around the world, by the way!) makes for the ideal travel wardrobe. Many of the knitting patterns in TRAVEL come with instructions for more than one version, making our collection of 9 pieces, ranging from socks, a hot water botle cosy and a llama to neck accessories, a hat and pullovers and cardigans, perfect for knitters who love minimalist, versatile pieces and a lot of options.

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