Our yarn partners

We're thrilled to be working with these fantastic yarn companies that share our ethos of producing natural, sustainable yarns in a transparent and ethical way.

If you’re interested in becoming a Making Stories yarn partner, please scroll down for the details on what that means and how to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


Abundant Earth Fiber, USA, abundantearthfiber.com

Black Isle Yarns, UK, blackisleyarns.co.uk

Blacker Yarns, UK, blackeryarns.co.uk

Brooklyn Tweed, USA, brooklyntweed.com

Cambrian Wool, UK, cambrianwool.co.uk

De Rerum Natura, France, dererumnatura.fr

Dibadu, Germany, dibadu.de

Echoview Fiber Mill, USA, echoviewnc.com

Fleece & Harmony, Canada, fleeceandharmony.com

Garthenor, UK, garthenor.com

Ginger Twist Studio, UK, gingertwiststudio.com

Green Mountain Spinnery, USA, spinnery.com

Greta and the Fibers, Spain, gretaandthefibers.com

Hey Mama Wolf, Germany, heymamawolf.de

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, Norway, hifa.no

Isager, Denmark, isagerstrik.dk

Isle Yarns, UK, isleyarns.co.uk

John Arbon Textiles, UK, jarbon.com

Knitcraft & Knittery, Australia, knitcraftandknittery.com

Knitting for Olive, Denmark, knittingforolive.dk

L'Échappée Laine, France, echappee-laine.fr

Lana Rara, Switzerland, lanarara.com

Lino Mūka, Lithuania, wollen-berlin.com

Magasin Duett, Sweden, magasinduett.se

Marina Skua, UK, marinaskua.com

Moel View Yarn, UK, moelviewyarn.com

Mominoki Yarn, Germany, mominokiyarn.com

mYak, Italy & Tibet, myak.it

O-Wool, USA, o-wool.com

Ovis Et Cetera, Germany, ovisetcetera.com

Oysters and Purls, USA, oystersandpurls.com

Rosa Pomar, Portugal, retrosaria.rosapomar.com

Rosy Green Wool, Germany, rosygreenwool.com

Sherwood Yarn, UK, sherwoodyarn.com

South Downs Yarn, UK, southdownsyarn.co.uk

Stolen Stitches, Ireland, stolenstitches.com

Swans Island, USA, swansislandcompany.com

The Fibre Co., UK, thefibreco.com

Triskelion Yarn, UK, triskelion-yarn.com

Tukuwool, Finland, tukuwool.com

Tulliver Yarn, Germany, tulliver.de

Vänö Ull, Finland, kera.fi

Whistlebare, UK, whistlebare.com

Wool Up North, Norway, woolupnorth.com

Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co., UK, woollymammothfibrecompany.com

Want to become a Making Stories Yarn Partner?

We love discovering new-to-us, natural, sustainably made yarns! Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in becoming a Making Stories yarn partner.

Here’s how the Making Stories Yarn Partner Program works:

  • After a successful yarn submission, you become part of our internal yarn partner database that we consult when we select new designs and match them to yarns for upcoming publications.

  • When we match your yarn with an upcoming design, we’ll send you an email with the details - designer name, type of garment / accessory, yarn amount, color - and ask you to accept the pairing.

  • You provide yarn support for said design, i.e. a full project quantity that you ship directly to the designer (reduces emissions!).

  • You also provide a 20% discount on your yarn for our test knitters. In exchange, we guarantee that we’ll only accept test knitters who will use the original yarn for their test, thereby increasing the amount of projects with your yarn on Ravelry and offering additional exposure on Social Media.

  • We also guarantee life-long yarn exclusivity, i.e. we’ll only ever recommend your yarn to be paired with the design (be it on Ravelry, Social Media or elsewhere).

Here’s how to become a Making Stories Yarn Partner:

  1. Send us an email to hannalisa@making-stories.com with the following details:

    • Which of your bases you’d like to submit

    • How they relate to our values of sustainability, ethical production and transparency

    • Any particularities we should be aware of (e.g. yarn availability)

  2. Send us a set of shade cards for each base you’d like to submit to: Making Stories GmbH, Kuglerstr. 10, 10439 Berlin, Germany

After a successful yarn submission, you’ll automatically become part of our database and will be contacted once your yarn has been paired with an upcoming design. With your submission, you accept the above-mentioned details of our yarn partner program.